Getting dressed for a first date: some advice


As soon as the girl you coveted so much time has finally given you her number, keep in mind the probability of a possible date. Take matters into your own hands and ask her out before others do. Once she has accepted, then make a preparation to the letter to put the chance on your side. After having thought about the course of this moment with all the details which relate to it, I invite you then to take care of you in the choice and the composition of your look.

Wearing sneakers

Why immediately focus on one type of shoe. What happens is that women have a sense of detail and the first thing they are likely to scrutinize meticulously is the pair of shoes you wear. In this case, it’s a good idea not to leave anything to chance but to make an effort to bring out an attractive look. Our choice was the sneakers. Indeed, this element has become a real basic of men’s fashion. It has had such status because it adds a touch of fun to a casual look. For a question of versatility it is better to choose a white model. By adopting this color you won’t have to worry too much when looking for the right combination in your men’s fashion shop.

Choosing raw jeans

Masterpiece of the men’s wardrobe, jeans will do for this kind of date. However, be careful not to overdo it. That’s why you must avoid washed-out jeans that will be too flashy at all costs. Choose a raw model that will add a touch of sobriety to your look. To highlight this natural color do not forget to wear a lighter belt (brown or grey for example). The cut also plays an essential role: it allows you to have more elegance. In most cases, slim remains at the top of the list of choices and has even become one of the essentials of men’s fashion.

Get your denim shirt out

On the first date, everything must work in your favour. That is why all the assets must be put forward. To help towards this optics, choose well your top. If you want to put a little more spice, think of your denim shirt. It will highlight your manhood while giving you a daring posture while drawing your build.

Playing with details

Apart from choosing the various pieces of clothing you need to wear, also pay attention to the details. Moreover, with the character of the woman, these details hold an important place: all your efforts could be reduced to nothing because of a small clumsiness on your part. so take the time to prepare yourself well, to add a certain freshness so as not to gain in disgrace in the eyes of your conquest.

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